Guitarist & Composer / Kenichi Tamura

New album
‘Línea del Pasado al Futuro’
Released 2023.08.02

Kenichi Tamura is a composer, artist and guitarist. He was born in Tokyo, Japan. His songs are instrumental music.
It is characterized by music production that incorporates flamenco beat and guitar playing style. From 2021, electric guitar is his main equipment.


2012.101st album “Ayaorimoyo” release.
2013.09Participate “Kansai Music Conference (Japan)”, then to be interacted with latin musicians.
2014.031st Mexico tour. (2 places)
2014.09Contract with “Chaos Music Distribution (USA)” a compilation license of digital distribution.
2014.11Invited to “youbloom@LA”, and played at Worl Music Concert.
2015.042nd Mexico tour. (3 places)
2015.122ns album “Corazones y Riquezas” release.
2016.08Contract with “Liva Music (Switzerland)” a sync license and master license.
2016.093rd Mexico tour. (4 places)
2016.10“El Afecto de la Ciudad” was nominated by “The 15th Independent music awards”.
2017.033rd album “Signo de los tiempos” release.
2017.04“El camino a través del desierto” was selected to a Playlist called “Flamenco Pa Ti” by Spotify.
2017.07Contract with the Spanish record label “Ace Music”.
2018.064th album “Emociones” release.
2018.09Participate in Live at Heart 2018 that is one of INES (Innovation Network of European Showcases)
2019.06“The decision in the season of the cherry” (original title called “El Decisión en la Temporada de los Cerezos”) was nominated by “2019 Hollywood Songwriting Contest”.
2020.045th album (EP) “La Inflexión” release.
2021.096th album “COMRADES” release.
2022.06Single “A little light in an absurd world” release.
2022.07Single “Man breaking the classification” release.
2022.09Single “Cloudy occasionally sunny” release.
2022.127th album “The world of excitement and turmoil” release.
2023.088th album “Línea del Pasado al Futuro” release. The album contains 2 new songs and 5 remakes.